Monday, December 29, 2008

New PJ's and loving siblings!

Finding Bowser...that is what daddy was for Halloween

Showing off his new PJ's from auntie Kate and uncle Sean

New slippers too!

I hope they love each other like this forever!

Peeking out of our "fort"
(Cardboard box= hours and hours of fun)

Our new kitchen we got from grandma and grandpa O

Pushing their babies...Chase loves to play with Abby and it is so cute to watch her copy everything he does

"Excuse me mama, my baby is hungry"
(It makes me laugh every time Chase says something new. He listens to EVERYTHING everyone says)

Daddy and Abz

Feeding her baby, she takes a bite every now and then too

Cooking Abby some dinner in the kitchen...

Time to put it all in the oven

Abby has the same shoe fetish that Chase did when he was little. She loves to wear other people shoes (and her own) and carry them around the house. she loves to bring mommy her slippers and put them on her.

Almost got it!

Carrying around her baby that is almost as heavy as her
(Mommy laughs at this, because she used to carry this doll around everywhere too. She reminds mommy of herself as a little girl)

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