Friday, January 23, 2009

Edinborough Park

Mommy decided that we should go to Edinborough today, since it is too cold to play outside. We has so much fun and it was fun having Ella there to play with too! We can't wait to move closer to this indoor park, it is our favorite. Next time we will call to make sure there won't be 3 buses full of "big" kids there.

Playing Ella's Candy Land game while mommy gets us ready to go to the park

Yeah!! We both won!

Ready to wear out some energy!

Climbing through the ropes

Down his favorite yellow slide

This is the new favorite thing to do...hang on the monkey bars till they fall off
(don't worry there is a padded bottom about a foot below their feet)

Ella's turn

Even Abby gave it a try

What a bunch of little climbers!

Going through the tubes

Taking a break for a well deserved snickerdoodle cookie
(Abby's new favorite word..."cookie")

Trying to help her stand while taking a picture...and the picture turned out...that's talent!

Having fun in the jumper together!

They are defiantly becoming best buddies

It was very hard for Abby to stand up, but she managed pretty well!

Chase being the awesome big brother that he is, and helping her stand

Time to jump solo

Cutie pie!

Off to the gym for a little basketball and rolling chairs

What a little stud

Trying to make a basket like her brother....monkey see, monkey do!

Playing with Ella

Abby taking Ella for a ride in the rolling chair...

They are so good at taking turns!

Chase testing out the new hand pedaling toy...he loved it!

Abby being silly with the cones

This was Chase after lunch, bringing all his stuff to me in the kitchen....pretty talented if you ask me!

This is daddy's new shirt that mommy got him...YEAH Jack Bauer!

Chase using the new hand peddling toy..he got pretty good by the end of the day


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