Monday, January 19, 2009

Playing with Ella

Ella is back to play! Mommy is watching Ella, and in a few months her baby sister Rilynn will come play too. Chase is very happy to have Ella back to play! Abby thinks that another girl is pretty fun, she just sits and laughs, while she watches them play.Hanging out with Bauer while mommy gets breakfast ready

Getting so big...18 months!

Hi mama!

Peek-a-boo mama!

Hanging out in the tent, waiting for Ella

Doing our art project...making crepe paper snowman

Abby even liked art

So concentrated!

Watching Curious George while mommy makes lunch

Eating our lunch

Ella eating her lunch

Chase eating the rest of his fries

Yeah, finger cookies after lunch

Chase's favorite cookies

Abby loves them too!!


Ring Around the Rosie...
(they played this for at least 5 is much more fun with three people)

Ella mixing a "cake"

Teamwork :)

Doing puzzles at the kid table

Two adorable girls in pink!

Silly girl!

Climbing to the top of the "mountain"

Racing Ella to the top

Ella on the "mountain"

Happy little snow bunny


Rachael Schirano \\ Rachael Schirano Photography said...

what adorable pictures! i love the pigtails!

Tonya said...

Looks like great fun!

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