Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snow fun and friends!

Going for a quick sled was windy and cold out, but the kids were itching to get outside

This picture makes me laugh...Chase posed and said hey mommy, take a picture of me. So I did!

She is so cold, but she didn't want to go inside

My little "snow man." He would stay out all day, if I let him

Trying to get a picture of all of us. Cute, but Chase's eyes are closed

Little "Linus"

Playing with her big brother...she loves him dearly!

Chase got a time-out, so when mommy told him to go sit on time out...Abby decided to join him

Picking up...they do so well, when they help each other

Playing with her new mixer from grandma...she loves that it moves and lights up

She turned it on and watched it go around and around

So much fun!

Time for the microwave

What a little stud!

Making mommy and snack in the kitchen

"Hi daddy"

Kisses from Bauer

Hey Bauer!

Having a tea party with mommy

Daddy reading to Zoey and Abby

They look like they could be sisters

Kisses! Little kids are soooo cute!

Waiting for mommy to come back downstairs

Silly girls!

Eating at the table...she is getting so big!

Mommy finally broke down and got Chase a new coat. His Broncos coat was getting too small

Chase loves it, cause he got to help pick it out

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