Sunday, January 25, 2009

Twins Fest!

Today we went to Twins Fest with ALL the Oxborough's...Papa, grandma, Timmy, Katie, Rara, Nicko and Adam was working there. We had a lot of fun and Chase was defiantly in heaven with all the baseball stuff around him. Abby konked out at the end, but loved being there too! Thanks again for the tickets Adam!

Look at ALL the people!

A little overwhelmed with all the people, but I can't wait to go see some Twins players

After staring at the lady handing me the ball, I finally took it...

For three...I have a dang good arm...mommy thinks I will be on the Twins some day

He is only three and acts like he's 6

Hanging out with papa, while we wait in line

Batting, while the gopher football guys pitch to me...

I'm defiantly in heaven!!

Jumping in the blow up jumper, mommy didn't get a good picture cause I was jumping too fast

Timmy and Justin

On the mega-tron with Rara and Nicko

Sporting our cool Twins hats we got in our grab bags


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