Monday, February 23, 2009

10 small things...

10 SMALL things that make my everyday a little better…

1. My camera. I adore it. (though I am planning on getting a new one, when I find the money) It has brought me to tears and into fits of laughter. It has saved memories I would have long forgotten. It has shared life’s moments with those who are not near.

2. My trusty vacuum. I use mine for everything. I vacuum AT LEAST once a day and I always, and I mean ALWAYS, feel better after vacuuming up a dirty surface.

3. My blog. Its nice to get comments and new readers and share photos, but that’s not really why I do it. I can tell you in all honesty that I feel such a sense of accomplishment after I post something of my kids. I really believe I can look back on this ol' blog and be proud of who our family is! (not to mention the grandparents love it)

4. Cheese. It is useful in many situations, a quick snack for myself, it is great to cook with and also it keeps my kids quite for about 2 minutes till they finish the piece I gave them. (and probably 2 more minutes, when I give them another piece)

5. My coffee maker. What energy this brings me in the morning when I take my first sip of scalding hot coffee. I might have to reheat my coffee about 3 times a morning, but I eventually finish my cup by the afternoon.

6. Caller ID. One of the greatest things invented. I can ignore all the pointless calls from solicitors and spend that 5 minutes more with my kids. I don't have to enter the zone of being mad at whomever I don't know that just called me for some no good reason. I don't need a new vacuum, I don't read the paper, I like my garbage company and if I wanted you cell phone service...I would switch!! Enough said!

7. My slippers! What would one do, living in Minnesota, with no slippers. I wear mine everyday in the months of October-April....and sometimes in the other months too! The keep my feet very happy!

8. My computer. It helps me stay connected with friends and family and is my number one way of CHEAP communication. I am a blogger, so when I have "me time" and nothing else to do, it gives me something to do. Not to mention it is my yellow pages, white pages and direction guide!

9. Candles. They always smell good and make my house smell great! I have one lit, just about everyday.

10. (Last but certainly not least) My kids smiles! They can get me out of my bad day funk and send me right into a land of love! They come out of nowhere and the little giggles, that usually follow them, just pull on your heart strings. They make me realize how lucky I am to be their mommy!

And that’s a bright spot in my day.

Do you have 10 small things that make your day better? Let me know! If you decide to participate and create you own list, feel free to link back here!

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