Monday, February 16, 2009

A full day!

Abby was being silly in the morning and posing for the camera

Then when you put Chase in the mix, they just start getting goofy

Abby just adores Bauer, so they were just laying in the sun together. When Chase saw that I was laying with Abby and giving her attention, he decided to come join in, so he wasn't left out.

That is defiantly MY boy :) (camera in hand)

Both Chase and Abby love to wash their hands, I'd almost say a little too much! Before breakfast, lunch and dinner, we always say "go bubble bubble." It is a race to the bathroom to see who gets up on the stool first. i guess it isn't a bad thing, but when we are cooking dinner, Chase will ask if he can go bubble bubble yet...Abby immediately takes off for the bathroom to run for the stool. If we tell her it is too early and dinner isn't ready yet, she throw a HUGE fit. I guess they like clean hands.

Abby love to look at herself in the mirror, while she is washing her hands

Eating a yummy lunch

Can't forget about my peanut in her high chair ;)

Time for some art...I have been getting better about doing art almost everyday with the kids, based on the theme we are learning about that week. If I don't do it by lunch, they start to question what the art project is for the day

Silly little pirate girl

Our fire trucks...for transportation week

It is finally a nice outside. We went to the park near our house today and the kids had a blast. There was no snow around the park, except for little ice puddles at the end of each slide. We had fun, but came home with wet bootys ;)

Chase decided to test the slide with the ice puddle first...

Abby loves the slides

Ella's turn

Chase is such a big boy, he can climb up the goofy ladder to the top of the play ground.

Baby blue eyes! Mommy just loves them!

We ran into our neighbor at the park, so we had running races together!
Chase and Ian...typical boys, love to run!

Ella wants to race the boys

Time for some more climbing

Clear blue sky, a perfect day for the park

Abby running away from me ;)

Hanging out on the couch


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