Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hanging out at Grandma and papa's house

Princess cute!

Stacking blocks...she loves to stack them and then knock them over and giggle

WOW! This is Adam and Katie. Katie told Adam this morning to go change out of his pajama pants and sweatshirt that he loves to wear, so this is what Adam put on. I am not sure how many layers or things he is wearing, but there is an array of things! Adam and Katie went in Cub Foods like this too, Katie has more guts than me, I would have told him to stay in the car. Katie told him since he chose to wear all that, that he has to come with her. LOL! Silly Adam!

She is growing up so fast and getting so big!

Chase trying the helmet on...he loves this thing


Doing a "big kid" puzzle with grandma and papa. Chase loves the 24 piece puzzles. Papa taught him how to find the edge pieces and put them together by looking at the colors and the picture on the box. He will do these for hours. No more "baby" puzzles for Chase!

Yeah...we are almost done Papa!

Rara...the best godmother ever! She always finds the greatest things. Today she brought over lighted gummy worms. This was a big hit! The tweezers have a little light in them, so when you squeeze the gummy worm, it looks like it is glowing. Chase loves it! Thanks Rara!

Uncle Timmy wants one...

Mama's turn...

Now Abby's turn! Yummy!



1 comment:

Erin said...

I love that sweater, where did you get it from???

I might have 2 or 4 boxes if you are still in need?

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