Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Art Galore!

Ok, Abby is not the only cheese LOVER! It seems whenever I open the fridge, one of them is there asking for a piece of cheese and then when they ask, the other one hears them and comes running.

I made a cheese stuffed chicken dish with the chicken wrapped in bacon and I cooked the remaining bacon this morning for breakfast...I think my kids love bacon right up there with cheese

I have had a few comments about all my art projects that I do with the kids and all the art supplies I use...well, here they are first hand. This is our art closet...I used to teach preschool kids and toddlers, so I know all the good stuff and I order them from a discount school website. I love doing art and seeing what the kids can do. To answer a comment I got in the past...yes, I keep ALL their art work!

Gluing crepe paper grass on their frogs...they had so much fun and very sticky fingers!

Gooey fingers!

She loves art and doesn't want to get down when she is done. Abby started doing art with us at around 12 months and wasn't too sure about it, now she can't get enough!

Today we set up the whole Diego set that Chase has. I looked at all the pictures and built each different thing and then we all played Diego. It wasn't but about 2o minutes later that Chase asked if he could break it...I guess it doesn't last forever!

Chase reciting his ABC's (his sister loves him so much!)

Abby and her silly laugh

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