Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blowing the day away

The kids woke up early, so after I got them dressed, they decided to sit in our bed and watch some cartoons. They look so tired.

Today we made a bowling alley out of "big blocks." I can't tell you how many times I set up the bowling pins for this. It is amazing how you do something, just to hear your kids laugh and see them smile!

Chase's turn!

Abby tried to roll the ball, but ended up throwing it. Whatever works!

I got these new pink bows from Sweet Daisy Bowtique (their button is on my right sidebar). I LOVE them! Abby picks them out and says "pitty bo" (pretty bows). She makes amazing bows and she has many different styles.

My little baseball star...

Look at that stance...he says he wants to be Joe Maurer when he gets bigger.
Brian might have started his love for baseball, but he deffinately keeps it going. He always wants to play baseball, he loves to watch baseball and he can't wait for his daddy's sfotball season to start.


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