Friday, March 6, 2009

Chalk outside!

Painting with dental floss on a tooth for community helpers week!

Getting a little crazy with the paint!

Watching Ella paint

It was sooooo nice today, that we had to get outside for some chalk drawing on the driveway. We made lots of pictures. We walked to the park to check out how wet it was and all the slides had puddles under the bottom of them, so we decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood instead. Note to self...when taking 3 kids on a walk, when the snow has been melting to puddles all day, pick a pair of shoes other than Croc's and socks. We had a great walk, but I had six wet sock, 6 chilly feet and 3 happy kids!

Getting so detailed with their chalk

Such an artist!

They wanted daddy to see it when he came home, so they decided to draw right on the front step

Silly girl!

Laughing at mommy laying on the ground taking pictures.

My adorable, persistent, independent, handsome little man!


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