Thursday, March 5, 2009

Crabby mama overload!

Do you ever have those days where you wish that everyday was that good?! That is the kind of day we had yesterday and I was in such a good mood. Then today comes and like I always my world, when it pours!

Abby woke up at 5:45 am for the day and was very crabby and fussy....then she was her usual clingy self, so it made it impossible for me to get dressed.
By the time we made it downstairs, both kids were crying and throwing fits....I can't believe I don't have a full head of gray hair.

We decided to go to the community center to check out the little kids pool and water park. The kids were so excited and I thought it might turn our crabby day into a happy one. We all know that when the kids are is mama! Chase loved the pool and slide, but Abby just wasn't too sure. She only wanted to sit in the water that was about 4" deep and play with toys. Then there is Chase who wanted to go down the water slide endless times.
Chase happened to loose his footing (the water was only about 1.5 ft. deep) and his head went under water. He was definitely not happy about that, so that pretty much ended out day at the water park. They got mad that we were leaving, but they didn't want to stay either...come on, make up your minds!

Pointing to the water slide!!!

Both of the kids at the water park

Chase loved the slide and loved that he could do it by himself

This is what an angry and crabby Abby looks like :(
(I am not sure why she is wearing her hat and mitten)

We get home and both kids nap for less than 20 minutes. Ok...nap time is my quite time for myself...when that is cut short by about an hour and a half...what is a mama to do? Abby was obviously tired and wouldn't let me put her down, so I had to hold her for the next 2 hours, with no break. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE my daughter, but she is a major mama's girl and I don't get a break too often. ;)

When I went to check on Abby tonight, she had her little legs hanging out the crib...

This happened to Chase when he was a baby and he got his leg stuck...then again he was about 10 lbs bigger than she is

I am dreaming of a hot bubble bath with candles....oh wait, who has time for that?!


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