Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fun filled Tuesday!

My little cheese lovers

Time for some art today...crepe paper flowers and umbrellas with rain drops!

Watching his little sister do her art project...you never know when you might need big brothers help

Making a crepe paper flower

Stamping the rain drops on his art work

He is so proud of his art

What a little Picasso!

Finishing her art project

The final product (this is Abby's)

Daddy and the kids decided to test out the fresh 4" of snow tonight, while I made dinner

Chase kept pulling Abby in the sled and she would just sit there

Such a good big brother!

Time for daddy to help push...this sled gets heavy

Racing to get all his buttons buttoned!

I bought this outfit for Abby when she was 5 months old and it is still too big, but I decided to dress her up in it anyway. After I put it on, she started to twirl in circles and dance around her room.

What an adorable little princess!

Too cute!

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