Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hanging out on Saturday!

Mommy painted Abby's toe nails for the first time today...19 months old! She loved it and sat really still. She loved when I used the blow dryer to dry them. She wanted her fingers done too, but she is cutting her last eye tooth and I don't want nail polish in her mouth

Going for a ride in the bucket

She loves when big brother pushes her in the bin....with the balls in there with her

Playing basketball in the kitchen...

Notice the blankets on the edge of the kitchen floor to stop the ball from rolling out of the 'court'

Our little sports star!

Resting with daddy till lunch is ready....

OOPS....I guess resting turned into a cat nap


1 comment:

MamaBear said...

Thanks for stopping by today :)

I JUST wrote about painting toe nails yesterday! Love the shot you got with your daughter. I need to do that with mine... I do that with all my clients, but my poor kids don't have any of US.

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