Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm a little behind!


Does Abby not look just like Abby Cadabby?!

My two adorable children! I think they are better dressed than me!

We decided to play in the toy shelf today...Abby is the only one that fit. Chase told me that I am way to big to play with them in there!

It's a tight fit...but he made it!

Bringing the summer games inside! If you know Chase, you know he LOVES bean bags. The bean bag boards would take up my entire living room, so we just brought the bags in with a bucket...same concept...tons of fun!

Abby needed to be a little big closer to throw them

Hugs from Ella...they are best buddies!

Look at those eyes...he will make some girl very happy some day...besides his mama!

I finally put birdseed in the bird feeder and this is how Abby spends a lot of her day. Waiting for birds to come....then when they finally come to eat, she gets so excited, she screams and scares them away.

Time for some play dough!

My kids have a very big interest in sitting in bins and buckets....very odd!

Mommy and my little princess

Abby trying to figure out how to work my hair clip...

It goes in me hair right mommy?!

Abby wanted to take a stroll in the baby stroller...Chase refused to push her and told her she was too big to be in there. :)

Spending time with Adam and Katie!


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