Monday, March 16, 2009

The park is finally dry!

Today was full of fun...we got outside TWICE and we even went for a walk too! The kids couldn't be happier that the park is finally dry. (honestly I couldn't be happier either) They are so much better behaved and sleep so much better when we can get outside and run around. I really hope the snow is gone for good and the sun and warm weather are here to stay! It reached 65 degrees today...YEAH!
Watching the projector view finder in the bathroom. They will sit in the bathroom giggling and watching all the slides. It is too cute!

I guess she couldn't wait for me to finish cooking lunch. Going outside in the morning must be taking a toll on her little self

Finally...the park was dry enough to play on!!!

Chase playing baseball with Ian. Chase has been waiting for the snow to melt to go play baseball, so we went out for the first round today.

Look at that stance...the new Joe Maurer! Some day you will see him in the major leagues!

She is off! She is so happy that she can climb up this all by herself and go down all the slides. She is so independent and loves to do EVERYTHING by herself.

Down once again!



Tonya said...

I am so enjoying this weather too! I love her face in the last picture of her going down the slide so cute.

Brandi said...

Your kids are cute! Thanks for swinging by my blog! I will be back to read more!

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