Thursday, March 12, 2009


Ok, here we go a new hit on Thursdays. Questions, comments, praises & concerns!

Praise/question- Ok, so I couldn't be more proud of my little girl right now. She has told me for the past 4 days when she has poop in her diaper and even gone and laid down for me to change her. She loves the potty and watches her big brother all the time. It was never like this with Chase, he woke up one morning and said, "mommy, diapers are for babies, I don't want one anymore." That was that, underwear ever since (except for night time). I am not sure where to go from here, since I have never been at 'this' stage before. I give her M & M's when she tells me, so she knows that it is a good thing to tell me...and because I love how she says "Mmmmm & Mmmm" and gives me a huge squeeze (hug) after she gets one)

Comment- So, Chase really loves dips and if he won't eat something, we just ask what kind of dip he wants with it. It usually does the trick. So, the other day, he wouldn't eat his chicken, so I asked him what kind of dip he would like. He said Ranch and I already had Ketchup on his plate. He dipped his chicken into the ranch that was mixed a little bit with the Ketchup and said, "he mama, look at this is so good!" I said, "Hey Chase, that can be your own dip, we can call it Ranchup." He laughed and at the rest almost all of his chicken.
The other day, he asks if we have any Ranchup that he can have for dip...I just cracked up laughing. Again yesterday, he asked daddy if he remembered his dip, Ranchup?! Funny how little kids minds work.

Concern- Ok, my brother might kill me for this...but here goes. So, I am just wondering if there are any honest and nice single girls still out there?! I am so fed up with girls messing with my brother's head and lying to him (my biggest pet peeve-compulsive lying). He is a great guy with a great personality and not to mention, he treats girls like gold! His last few "girlfriends" have lied, beat around the bush and led him on and then dropped him like a fly. I know he is getting older not very old (28), but it is getting hard and harder to find 'decent' and trustworthy girls. I love my brother a lot more than anything and want him to be a happy like my older brother and I. I have tried to help him out, but that never seems to work. I have told him to look on or something like that, but he still hasn't. I just can't believe the gull of some girls! I know he'll find someone...someday, but I hope it is sooner than later!

Okay, now it is your turn to participate in Thursday's Thoughts. See what everyone else has to say!


Erin said...

Your right kyle deserves an amazing girl! You left out that he is very out going, the light of the party and always up for a good time!! :) I dont know him that well but I could just tell at the bowling alley and the wedding for my brother!! :) I might try and link up during nap time :)

Anonymous said...

I truly hope your brother finds someone good for him! What a great Thursday idea! When I finish my blog, I will play along.

Laken said...

Thanks for your comments! Our little girls are very close in age! Thanks for checking my blog out! I am going to add you to my following and when I have time read more of your blog!! Have a good day!

And yes, my husband and I painted her walls ourselves! So proud of us! :)

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