Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An update!

What's going on with us?!

Well, we have found a renter for our house and are planning on moving April 1st!!! Yeah, the stress is over! We will be moving to Golden Valley and living with Brian's sister's fiancee and in September, when they get married, she will move in too. It is a huge house, and we will be living in the lower level and they will be upstairs. We will share the kitchen and the garage. We all get along great and the kids LOVE both Adam and Katie!!! This is just for about a year, till we pay off credit cards and save enough to buy a big house to fit our family.

Chase is 3 1/2...going on 13. He definitely has a strong personality and loves to push mommy's buttons. He is very independent and has a very big heart. Chase can't wait till spring, when we can go outside everyday and play baseball. He can't wait to go to daddy's softball games and watch the team play. His favorite shows are Lazy Town and Oswald and if I let him, he'd watch them non-stop all day. He loves to climb, jump and run around...he is a ball of energy!

Abigail is 19 months...and she is our persistent princess. She is a baby loving, blanket carrying, nuk loving, smiley petite girl. She is the definition of "monkey see, monkey do." She LOVES cheese...it is her favorite food, along with pasta. Abby loves to dance and sing songs. Her favorite song is "The wheels on the bus," and she loves to dance to "If you're happy and you know it." Abby is talking more and more and if you ask her to say a word, she will try her best. It might not sound anything like what you asked her to say...but she'll try.

As far as for me...the mama! I am doing great, but in desperate need for spring! I love the snow...but come on..spring please get here! My business is doing great and I have about 5 brides that I am working with right now, so my plate is pretty full! I have also been making other stuff on the side, when I get time...height charts, bow holders, burp cloths and scrapbooks. I definitely keep myself busy, with three kids during the day and trying to squeeze everything in, that I need to get done, during nap time.

Enough ambling by me...I am off to get the kids some snack!


Claire said...

What a beautiful blog! They sound like exciting times!


The Cochran Crew said...

Thanks for the sweet comment! LOVE the picture of everyone kissing! We may have to try that when the quads get older!! Your family is beautiful!

Rachael Schirano \\ Rachael Schirano Photography said...

it sounds like everyone is doing quite well, yay! good luck with the move!

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