Thursday, April 30, 2009

Congrats are in order!

Congratulations Nicole and Miguel!!

Ahhh....time flies! Just the other day, my brothers and I were pulling on your legs and arms, to see who gets to play with you. Now you are all grown up and you are getting married!
My "baby" cousin got engaged on Tuesday night!
Congrats to Nicki and Miguel! We wish you two the very best and can't wait to spend your special day with you!

"The Rock" :)

Alphabitty Moments!

Back with another letter of Alphabitty Moments from 4 the love of family's blog. Head on over to see everyone elses Alphabitty Moments! Just click on the pictures to see them larger!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Breastfeeding in public?!

Breastfeeding in public?!

So, I was having a conversation with my best friend yesterday, while our kids were playing at the park. Her 1 month old was starting to get hungry, so I said she could go back to the house and feed her or just use a blanket and do it on the park bench. When I was breastfeeding both my babies, I would feed them anywhere they got hungry. I just threw a blanket over me and started feeding. Some people knew what I was doing and others just thought there was a baby sleeping under there. Then again, some people might have just thought I was cold...hehe!

My thoughts are this:
As long as you have something to cover yourself up, to make sure others around you don't feel uncomfortable and to make sure you don't get picked up for indecent exposure :)....go for it. Babies are unpredictable all the time and sometimes they just need to eat then and there. I would feed the kids in a restaurant, at the mall, at the park...wherever! If people have the time to stop and stare or question you about what you are doing, then they are WAY too much time on their hands.

I am by no means a perfect person (though I won't admit that to my husband), this is just how I do things. I am just a mother of 2...soon to be 3, that is trying to raise my kids, the best I can!
Let me know your opinions and how you do/did things.


Way back Wednesday...

Way back Wednesday!

Abby on the day she got baptized! My husbands grandmother made her dress and bonnet. The grandma for the kids I used to nanny for made her the blanket she is laying on and a little sweater coat to match!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First baby gift for #3!

I had my appointment today, so my in-laws came and watched the kids, so I could go by myself to the appointment. They brought the baby a gift. Too cute! I love giraffes...hence the giraffe stuffed animal and the "neutral" baby blanket! Like my other children, I am sure the baby will be spoiled! :)

Thanks grandma and grandpa O!

This is our day in pictures!

A little breakfast!
(yes, on my nice couch! My children insist on dry cereal, watching a T.V. show)

Time for some of mommy's water
(She won't drink water, unless it is out of a fun water mommy's)

Playing in the playroom
(she LOVES playing with her babies!)

Playing in her room.
(testing out the baby's nuk)

Playing a spelling game
(Chase loves to play games, we have a whole closet full and everyday, we play at least 3 games)

Ta-da....he spelled "train!"

Abby's turn to try and help

Spelling "hat"

Eating lunch!

After you finish your get a cookie!
(Chase always has to announce that he is part of "the clean plate club.")


Time for nap

Sleeping beauty!

Snack time!
(Some how, on my nice couches...again)

Playing in his room
(the baby is taking a nap)

Reading the baby a book
(I came into her room to see what she was up to and this is what I found)

Snuggling with mommy on the Love Sac, before bedtime!

I hope you enjoyed "spending the day with us." Come back soon!
I am off to the doctor this morning. I have decided to go to a clinic with this pregnancy, instead of my midwife that I have seen for my past two pregnancies. She has actually never delivered either of my babies.
Chase was breach, so I had a c-section and she couldn't do those at the time and Abby was a VBAC and she couldn't do those at the hospital I delivered at. She is considered a specialist, so her prices are more expensive and she only works 3 days a week, so it is hard to get in, when I have time. My best friend just had her baby and she went to this clinic, so I am going to see the doctor see was seeing. We'll see how it goes.

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, April 27, 2009


So, now for my surprise post...

tell me if you can figure it out...
(this is what we gave the grandparents and none of them got it. We said, this is what your grandchildren made you.)














Yep, most of your probably guessed it, we are having another baby.

The last few days I have been feeling really tired and not feeling well after every big meal I eat. I never really thought twice about it until Brian said, "oh my gosh, you're pregnant." I immediately said, no way. All the signs did point to it, so I took a test last Thursday and a big fat PREGNANT showed up. Second baby in this family to get past birth control. I am convinced my husband has a "super shooter." Sorry, I am sure that was a little too much information! After that we said we weren't going to tell people for awhile, but I can never hold anything like that from people, so we started to tell people yesterday. With my guess, I am about 7 weeks along, but my midwife wants me to go in for a dating ultra-sound next Thursday. I will update you then on how far I measure at. We are very excited...after the initial shock hit us. We weren't planning on having another one for about another year and a half.
Things that went through my head right away...
I have my sister-in-laws wedding in 5 months where I will be a huge whale in a bridesmaid dress cute pregnant matron of honor, standing next to the beautiful skinny bride. :) Now my sister-in-law has a designated driver for her bachelorette party. I don't have to worry about losing the 10 lbs I wanted to lose before summer. I will be pregnant AGAIN in the summer! My kid will most likely have to share their birthday with Thanksgiving or Christmas. Here we go again with losing baby weight.
After all these thoughts the main one that comes to my mind is...everything happens for a reason!
Happy Monday everyone!

These are the proud big brother and big sister!
(man it feels weird calling Abby a "big" sister, she is still the baby)


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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Painting fun!

Painting flower paper plates. They had so much fun!

Such concentration!

She is a much more careful painter than her big brother!

Giving me a silly face for taking a picture of him

He loves to color the entire art project

She doesn't even make it till nap time...this must be a growth spurt!


Surprise post!'s a surprise!
Big post coming tomorrow, but I couldn't leave you without a picture!

Hope everyone has a great and restful Sunday!!


Friday, April 24, 2009

And the winner is.....

The lucky winner for the bow holder giveaway is....

Mr. and Mrs. McNeil over at Mayhem at the McNeil's!
Congrats, please get a hold of me and let me know what letter you would like.

Now, back to life in our crazy house.....

Abby went pee on the potty for the first time yesterday!

What a big girl at 20 months! Hopefully we can have her trained before Chase was. How nice would that be to be out of diapers! That would make one very happy mommy...and daddy for that matter!

I have been so tired lately I haven't had much time to post. I have been busy with the 7 wedding invitation jobs I have going at the moment. Between that, watching my kids and the other little girl I watch and trying to stay "sane," we have been busy busy!
I am off to paint paper plate flowers with the kids....have a wonderful FRIDAY!

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