Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Abby's Birth Story

Well, I can't tell one story without the other one. If you missed Chase's birth story, feel free to go back and read it here.
Abby's birth was A LOT easier than Chase's. I actually scheduled a c-section for August 3rd, 2007. I like to know what is going on and like to plan for things, so I thought I would skip the hassle and the possible risks. That way I could plan everything around it and also make sure I did my hair and make-up that day. ;)
Little did I know my second child would like to pick her birthday too. July 23rd, 2007, I woke up with the worst back pain, that would come every now and then. I didn't think much of it and got up for my day and got ready for work (I ran a daycare out of my home). I told my husband that I don't know what real labor feels like, cause I didn't really have it bad, when I had Chase, but I am sure the way I was feeling had something to do with the baby coming. We didn't want to get ahead of ourselves, so I stated my day normally with the worst back pain ever. When 9 o'clock rolled around (right before my hubby left for work) I said, I really think these are contractions, the pains are coming about every 10 minutes. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law came to watch the kids I had that day, until they could get picked up. They also took Chase for the day.
We drove to my midwives office and she confirmed I was having contractions and that I was actually having back labor...I don't wish this upon anyone! She ruptured my membranes...which is another painful thing, but it is supposed to makes things go a little faster. She told me to head to the hospital and I would most likely have a baby later tonight....SO MUCH FOR MY PLANNED C-SECTION! (She did ask me if I wanted to do the c-section or continue contractions and labor and have a VBAC. I said I would try it this way and see what happens)
We drove to the hospital and checked in. My contractions were getting closer and stronger. They really hurt and I didn't want to have to take any drugs, so I tried to stick out the pain. We got to the hospital and into my room around 11:00am, I finally couldn't take the pain anymore around 2:15 pm, so I got an epidural. WOAH....those things are GREAT!! It didn't effect me like it should have, it didn't completely numb me from the waist down, I could still feel the contractions, just not nearly as bad. (It is a good thing, cause I knew when to push, cause I could feel them)
At around 5:00pm, my midwife told me I was completely dilated and I could start pushing. I was freaked out...there are many risks that can happen after having a c-section prior to a vaginal birth. I started to push, waiting to feel a horrible pain or something and yes, I could feel her coming out...but the pain was bearable. Not to mention, the epidural hadn't completely worn off yet. A couple pushes and out she came at 5:12pm weighing 5 lbs and 12 oz. 18.5 inches long!
Wow, what a difference. If asked what I prefer between a c-section and a vaginal birth....vaginal all the way! The recovery is so much faster and I am praying next time I don't have back labor, just normal labor please!

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Jessi said...

I somehow missed your sons birth story so I just read it and was laughing so hard! Your husband had me rolling with the "I think my boobs hurt" and hanging up on you and then looking at you like why in the world is the seat all wet?! I was laughing so hard my kids kept asking me what was so funny!

I am so glad to know that you had a vbac! My son was facing up and the doctor didn't even really try to get him out so I had a csection (my first was vaginally) and I want my vbac with the next baby!

Love the birth stories! I plan to post mine soon!

Laken said...

How sweet! I have a bad labor and delivery story.. Maybe I will share it on my blog sometime!!

dawn said...

i just love reading birth stories!!! so glad you shared abby's too ~ way to go on the vbac!!!! i think i have only written two of my four so far!

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