Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!

April fools!

So, I started out the day with announcing "I'm pregnant" on my Facebook status. Then with a couple reminders from friends I realized I pulled that one last year. I am not very good at lying (I can't even bluff in poker) so April fools isn't my area to shine. I have been thinking all day of something to do to my hubby and nothing has popped in my head.

Until 10:30 tonight...
I went to go put my empty glass of Amaretto sour (thanks for the much need drink Adam) in the sink. The dish sprayer was staring me right in the face. So, I decided to put a rubber band around the sprayer to give my hubby a little surprise. I went back downstairs to put my plan in action. I sat down on the computer and let out a big sigh and said, "shoot, I forgot to grab a glass of water, can you please go get me one babe?"
He looked at me and said, "yes I can, one second."
About one minute after asking, I heard someone (Adam) walk in the kitchen and turn on the water. I fell off my chair laughing. The water stayed on for at least 5 seconds, until he figured out what was going on. I went to walk up the stairs and didn't make it, I was laughing so hard, I couldn't walk. He came down the stairs and asked who the heck did that...meanwhile it is just hitting my hubby that, if he would have gotten me the water I asked for (I don't even like the tap water here and he knows that) that it would have been him getting soaked and all soaked in (no pun intended) Our water pressure if pretty strong and when I finally stopped laughing, I went upstairs and the water sprayed all the way out the kitchen entry way and the kitchen floor was soaked.
It's my luck to have the prank pulled on the wrong person.



Dawn said...

Amaretto Sours are my favorite!

I have done the water sprayer trick on my hubby too. It is hilarious! There have been a couple times though that I will set it up and then I will get distracted and forget all about it and get myself! karma!
But yes, it's so funny to hear it on for a long time until they figure out what is going on and to see the water where all it sprayed. That is so funny you got him!
I layed low this year. I was trying to think of things to do at work. I create a daily shift schedule for the troops and I was thinking of pranking that some how but then figured that no one would even notice. So I ended up not doing anything but of course was on guard for anyone pranking me but no one did. There is always next year.

dawn said...

that was a good one! my hubby would not forgive me for that one. he hates getting wet.

i had to leave you a comment, you just left one on my blog congratulating me on our big announcement. unfortunately, i got you on my april fool's day joke. if you would have clicked on the link to my other blog mentioned in the post it would take you to a cute announcement there saying april fools!

i see you did that joke last year!
i couldn't resist doing it this year, i got so many people on it!!!

anyway, glad to have found your blog!!! i think i will start following yours!!!

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