Friday, April 3, 2009

Back at our park

Chase asks me everyday if we can go to the park. Today I made him a deal...if he helped me sweep all the leaves off the porch, we could go to the park. I don't think I have ever seen him help out so much and so fast before. He loved helping and was so excited to go the park after we were done. Abby even helped with a little rake and we had beautiful weather to work outside in.

He loves the swing...hasn't quite mastered the "big kid swing" yet.

Abby would swing all day if we let her

This is his favorite thing to do at the park....up the chain ladder...

Get ready to go down the slide...

and down backwards on his belly....then do it all over again!

Hanging on the bar....legs in the air

and of course...we had to run the bases on the baseball field....he LOVES the baseball field!!!

Pitching a pretend baseball...look at that "set form."

Running the bases with his little sister! What a good big brother!


1 comment:

AmyT said...

TOO cute - my kiddos LOVE going to the park too.....they ALWAYS wanna go!

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