Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beautiful weather!!

We have been blessed with GORGEOUS weather this week! It has been in the high sixtys - low seventies! Yeah...finally! Well, with warm weather, comes LOTS of trips to the park. I love the spring and summer...though fall is my favorite. We get to play outside so much. We have a great deck at the new house, so I put up a gate on the stairs and the kids play out there when I am making has never been so easy. I can't say I miss them hanging on me to hurry up with lunch. ;)
The park is our favorite place to go lately! We are there in the morning, afternoon and almost every night, Chase wants daddy to take him to the baseball fields (next to the park) to hit some balls. Chase breathes is his absolute favorite thing lately!
The other day, we were eating lunch and he told me that he wanted seconds of his macaroni and cheese. I said sure and I got him some more. As I was scooping it on his plate, he said, "I need to eat a lot, so that I can be a strong baseball player, just like Joe Mauer (the Twins catcher). Too cute!

Playing T-ball in the driveway. He is wearing his helmet, because he hit the ball so hard, it came back and bounced off his head. What a smart cookie!

Such a stud!

Not quite sure what is going on here. Silly girl...but so dang cute!

Off to the baseball fields...taking a juice break

Grandma came to the park with us today, to play baseball! He will rope anyone in, that is willing!

Swing batter batter!

Swinging away!

Eating lunch on the deck...the kids loved it!

and this way....the floor can get as messy and can be and I can just smile!

Sand and water table time!

Playing outside in the gorgeous weather!

We hope you have a great weekend!



Mayhem At The McNeils said...

im soooo envious of those little pig tails! I cannot wait till my lil hailey has enough hair to do that!!! And baseball rules!!! :)

Mommy3 said...

Oh isn't it just lovely to be able to go outside and play?! I take outdoor playtime over indoor playtime anytime I can! We've been outside a ton too...and my little guy was so tired last night I could hear him snoring away through the monitor. Too funny. Looks like your two were having a great time too!

Carebear said...

Love those pics! Especially the t-ball in the driveway and Chase swinging at the plate. We've had sun here too finally, woo-hoo, and we spent the whole day at the beach yesterday. It really improved my attitude, I'll tell ya!

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