Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Morning!

Wow! The Easter Bunny really likes us! :)
Oops, I went a little over board with stuff this year. I forgot about some stuff that I bought earlier and then I went out and got some stuff a few days before Easter. Whoops! Oh well, their expressions were priceless!

Proud lil' man in his baseball PJ's

Smiley sweetheart in her Princess PJ's

We went to my in-laws on Saturday to celebrate Easter and they had an Easter egg hunt for all the kids. Abby LOVED and and Chase was so fast this year (compared to last year) They both had fun and got way too much candy!
She loved finding all the eggs! She would put the egg in her bag and turn to us and say, "more!"

Silly Easter Bunny hid one in the drain pipe ;) It didn't get past this little one!

Hunting for eggs with auntie Rara

He didn't want to show me his loot

Making sure they are all in there ;)

Still looking for more..

Another silly the dryer vent

My adorable little princess!

Aww...finally a good Easter picture of the two of them!!!

Our family!

Me and my princess

Can't get away with being outside and not playing a little baseball

Playing with the puzzle that grandma got Chase!



AmyT said...

awlll the pics turned out great!!! so cute!!!!

Dawn said...

Awww how cute and it looks like you got some great pics. Love the family one. And that looks like a cool treehouse behind?

dawn said...

your kiddos are so cute!! you are a girl after my own heart - i love me some ponytails with bows - just sent my 5 year old to school with hers today!!! looks like you had a wonderful day!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family!

Tanielle said...

What a beautiful family you have! Looks like a lot of fun on Easter too. Hope your Tuesday is great!!


Dawn said...

Hi Kelly! I got the letter bow holder in the mail yesterday. It's adorable! Too cute and it's really heavy and solid! I love it. And how sweet to include a few bows!
You rock!

Carebear said...

Such cute photos! I LOVE Abby's hair! Did you get a new blog design recently or am I just not very observant? It is super cute!

Mommy3 said...

Looks like a great Easter! Oh, and I just am in love with your daughter in her piggie tail bows!

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