Monday, April 6, 2009

Fun Sunday outside!

Today was a little breezy, but warm enough to spend some time outside. We went to grandma and grandpa O's for a family spaghetti dinner and some fun outside. The "big kids" played basketball on the court and the "little kids," mommy and Rara played baseball and ran around outside. We are all hoping for Spring to come out from hiding and NO MORE snow till next year!!!

Trying to drink uncle Nicko's pop...good thing she doesn't know how to untwist the top...YET!

Looking at all the leaves on the basketball court

A perfect shot of my little man!

Playing baseball with Rara...TWINS home opener is TODAY! GO TWINS!

Learning how to hold and swing the bat

Silly cheese smile. She has her brothers baseball and is being a stinker

Auntie Rara and Abby

Playing ghetto T-ball. Hitting the ball off a plastic juice bottle. Kids will use their imagination to the fullest and have so much fun doing it.

Abby has to try everything her brother does

Jumping off the brick wall to the basketball court

Rocking her baby...she loves doing things that she sees me to with her and Chase

We went out to TCBY with auntie Katie for some much deserved ice cream. Chase got his own cone and being the nice brother that he is, he shared with Abby.

Another lick?!

We turned our heads for a minute to get Chase's coat on and we turn around to find Abby in the highchair...all by herself. She is such a monkey lately...climbing everywhere. Of course she giggled when we turned to see her...she thinks she is so sneaky!

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