Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday!!

All in brown and ready for church. Us four went to church this morning and let the guys hang back at home to wait with the DISH TV guy to set up our TV. We had a lot of fun and the went to Erbert and Gerbert's for lunch with grandma and papa Ox.

We are looking for a new church around here to start attending. Today we went to Mount Olivet. It is the church that we got married at, Chase and Abigail were baptized at, Brian's family has been members at for many years and I used to work at the preschool on the lower level. We llike it, but I like more contemporay services with more upbeat music and a little less "strict" service. We will hopefully be able to start "testing" out some new churches next Sunday.

Chase can't wait to start going to Sunday school again and we can't either. He doesn't really get much time to hang out with kids his age, without one or both of us there. Hopefully it will help him become more social with other kids, before he gets into Kindergarten.

Abby also isn't one for sitting still during the service, though she did amazingly well today. She will go in the nursery and then when she is old enough, she will go to Sunday school too. It took her awhile at our last chruch for her to get used to the nursery and being without mommy (she is definatly a mommy's girl and a very clingy one too). Towards the end, before we moved, she really liked going there on Sunday morning. We'll see how a new nursery, new people and new surrounding work for her this time.



AmyT said...

hope you guys find a good one!!! It's so hard to find a good "home felt" church. My FIL is a pastor so you can guess where we go ;-) I love it though. Everyone is so wonderful. The church he was at prior I didn't care for - never felt like HOME - this one is SO much different. They have great childrens programs, and great youth programs!!!! I think it is so important!!!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Happy Sunday to you....Love your blog.

So glad you stopped by my blog.
Don't forget to stop by again. I am going to have a "card box" giveaway every month. This drawing will be the last day of April.
Every comment you leave throughout the month will enter your name in the drawing, so if you visit several times and leave several comments, you will have a better chance to win. This NEW blogger was so touched by all the comments I got on the Blog Party, that I decided to make this a monthly GIFT...
Also, if you link to my blog telling about the monthly giveaway, you will have your name entered 10 extra times...How is that for an incentive?
I was so blown away by all the responses that I wanted to email each person personally, but TIME...has not permitted..but I did love reading all of them..I am continuing to introduce my family members and then there will be some fun blogs coming up from Disney World in May. I am so thankful for all my new friends.

Erin said...

We need to start looking for a church as well and I think i am with you on the upbeat music and not strict at all!

I don't even know where to start looking!!

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