Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bound to happen...

So, yesterday I left to take the kids to daddy's softball game. We we in a hurry to get there, since we were already late. I was going down the on ramp to get onto the main highway and there was no on on the ramp, and it was metered. Every other time it is metered, even if there is no one on there, I always stop. My hubby always gives me crap and tells me that no one stops if there is no one there. He never stops in my situation.
So, as I am driving along, and I see that it is red, I slow down, trying to time it, so it turns green, so I don't have to stop. As I get up to the light, it still wasn't green, so I slowly went through the red light. I am sure it turned green seconds after I went through it. I thought to myself, I can't believe I just did that...then I thought, my hubby would be proud. (sad, I know)
As I merge onto the highway, I see these bright shiny flashing lights in my rear view mirror....yep, a good ol' police officer. UGH! You've got to be kidding me, the one time I do it, I get busted!
I pulled over, turned off the car and told the kids to continue to watch their movie and keep quite. The police officer came to my window and said, "hello Mrs. Is there a reason you went through the red metered light?" I didn't lie, I told him since there was no one on there, I was trying to time it right and then didn't want to slam on my breaks to stop. He took my license and insurance card and went back to his card. (Keep in mind, any other time I have gotten pulled over, I have gotten a ticket, whether if be speeding, accident or tabs. I don't get away with anything, not even showing a little cleavage...not that I would do that)
He spends a couple minutes in his car and comes back, gives me my stuff and says, "you've got a clean record and we are in a really bad place to be stopped, so make sure to stop next time and I am just going to give you a warning, that is a $150 ticket and I am sure you can use that money on your cute kids."
I thanked him and Chase yelled from the back seat, "bye Mr. police officer."
WHAT??? Did I just get a warning?! That is the first time ever. Guess I will learn and hopefully not get pulled over again. :)

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Mayhem At The McNeils said...

hahaha now you can tell your hubby"i told you so!" Woohoo for getting a warning though! :) he must of had his share of doughnuts to make him in a good mood! LOL

Christen said...

Sounds like my luck to get pulled over for something I usually never do!!

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