Friday, May 8, 2009

Help please!

Ok, so my kids have always been with me. I was never gone Abby's first year of her life, since she didn't take a bottle well at all and I was nursing her. Neither of them have been with anyone other than family. I have no branched out yet and gotten a babysitter. This all leading to the separation problem.
Chase will not go anywhere without someone he knows ( grandparents, aunts, uncles, us). This causes a big problem when I want to go to church and he won't let us leave his Sunday school class. He will literally break down and start balling. Most kids calm down and stop after a while, but not my kid. He will cry just as hard for the entire time we aren't there. I am scared to even try a babysitter and when preschool time come around in the Fall, I fear that will be the same reaction.

Last Sunday I just sat in his Sunday school room and didn't play with him. I was just when he needed to look to see if I was still there. I tried to sneak out and the end and he started crying.

Abby is pretty good, once I leave, most of the time, she calms down and is fine playing.

Has anyone gone through this or does anyone have any helpful hints??

Happy Friday, I know I am one happy mama that the weekend is here!



AmyT said...

Well I had problems at first - Braxton my middle was pretty bad - I was home with him the first year. He did get better - he is sort of still attached at the hip. He started pre-K this year and has done great. He teared up and wanted me to stay....but he's gotten better and loves it. I still have to walk him to class or his dad does. He just wants to make sure we're going to "not leave him" and we'll come back. You may have to volunteer there for a while.

Erin said...

I worry Alex will be like that as well! So we signed up for an Art Class with Elk River and two of her friends! We have gone the last two wed! The parents are in the class for the first hour then we are out for the last half hour! She cried for like 5 minutes the first time ( i thought it was going to be way worse but it helped having people she knew there) and then this wed she cried again for 5 minutes!

She has also only been with me or with grandparents or aunts and uncles so I thought doing these classes would help and I think I will sign up for some more so she can continue to not only be with me! I am also going to try and take her to the YMCA day care more often!

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