Thursday, May 14, 2009

Impulse buy and lil' princess!

So, I went to the store with the kids the other day, not planning on buying any toys and look what I came home with! Notice the dimensions...8.04 feet wide x 6.67 feet deep x 5.33 feet high. Yep, just about takes up the entire playroom. It was originally $125 and I got it on clearance for $27.00. What a steal! The kids LOVE it! It is blown up by a pulg in blower that stays on, to keep it inflated. It can be for indoor or outdoor, but it has been pretty windy here, so we haven't taken it outside yet.

Here it is blown up in the playroom, it is so big, I can't even get a picture of the whole thing.

Abby crawling through the door

The back is a fire house
I know, unnecessary thing to buy, but the kids love it!

Cutie pie in her cute cupcake PJ's and curly blonde hair!

She is up to something! ;)

Good night and sweet dreams!


1 comment:

April said...

WOW you got a great deal on the blow up center...there is no way you could have passed up that deal. they are going to have a lot of great times in that!

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