Monday, June 22, 2009

90 degrees and counting!

We spent all morning out in the pool. We got a new pool a couple of weeks ago and haven't been around much to use it. I pulled it out of the box today and decided to blow it up by myself. well, I didn't really have a choice, we don't have a air compressor and I couldn't find a pump, so that leaves me. I almost passed out, but made it through and the kids were thrilled!

The water was even warm!

Abby got daring and dumped this over her head after I took this picture!

Chase's turn with the watering can

Cheese mama!

Having so much fun and cooling off too!

Hope you have a 'cool' day!

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Mommy3 said...

We've been enjoying the kiddie pool in our yard also! Don't you just love summer?! :)

Erin said...

I can not believe how hot it has been! We are outslide already today in the water because it will be to hot this afternoon! I am sick of this weather lol!

Sue said...

What beautiful pictures!! In Austria it is so much raining and the water in our pool is very, very cold! Enjoy the summer, we are waiting for the sun!!!


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