Tuesday, June 9, 2009

April Rose a hoax??

It is a false story??
I have been following April Rose's blog for quite a few months now and I have been praying for "B" the mom, "D" the dad, and April Rose, who was diagnosed with Trisimony 13.
It is a very long story, and I am sure some of you saw her button on my sidebar (that I have taken down).
The last few updates on their blog on the afternoon after her birth were updated by Raechel, an out~of~state friend of B’s, who told us that April Rose was born perfect and that her heart was going strong, then that her heart rate was decreasing and that B and D, April Rose’s father, were preparing to lose their daughter.

Then the updates stopped abruptly. Those of us who had been asked to pray for this sweet little baby were left wondering how she was doing or if she had gone on to join Jesus in Heaven. This morning we were shocked to find the following message posted by D on B’s blog:

hi world. it's d and i have decided to keep this blog as just updates at this time.we have received so much hate and accusations the last 2 days through the internet both on here and in our email.

i have read and heard and seen it all. a doctored image of our girl with red horns and a tail, emails about how we have done all of this for cash (for the record we have never taken in any donation money or checks. the only person who has gotten money from this blog is PASS Pregnancy Care Center) at this time it is too much.

people are entitled to believe what they want. people can say that we are cons or whatever else they would like to say. we know our hearts, so do our friends and so does God.

we do not plan on ending this blog but at this time there is no room for the hate we have received. this is not the time and we only wish people could see that as truth and not continue spreading lies and speaking hate to a family trying to live life. to those who have supported us with prayers....the most important thing anyone can do is pray and so we will continue to post prayer updates and information but at this time that is all we can do.


The April Rose blog was removed/shut down sometime during the night. For those who missed it, an "update" on April and B was posted last night, stating that they were both in the hospital, and doctors were performing some blood tests on April as she had begun to deteriorate, but B and D were hopeful that they would be able to return home with their daughter that night.

We are all free to draw our own conclusions about the situation, but I personally feel that the story is false. My heart goes out to all the followers of this blog who became emotionally invested in this sad story. It amazes me how someone could pull on people's emotions like that.

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Dawn said...

what?? Seriously? I have been following it for some time now but I never got that impression. Now that makes me very curious. Hmmm, I don't know what to think. Gosh, who has the time to blog and not be real!

Jessi said...

I don't think it was false at all. Imagine how it would feel to have a sick/dying child and people are just leaving tons of hate mail saying you're a liar. Yes there are tons of people praying but the hate can still wear you down. I would probably delete my blog as well.

I'm choosing to still pray for her and hope that they find peace.

I think the fact that they never took any money also proves that it wasn't false. I feel so bad for them... :(

Rob and Andrea said...

Hey Kelly -
I went to college with your sister-in-law, Katie, so I feel like I know you after hearing all about Chase and Abby for years and years! Anyways, I am so confused about the April Rose story. I, also, have been following their story for awhile, and now I just don't know what to think!! I keep checking the blog to see if they will post something new... hmm...

Mayhem At The McNeils said...

i agree with Jessi. They probably just got overloaded with sadness and hurt that they chose to shut it down so they didnt need to deal with people calling them fakes or scam artists. Imagine if that was your child who was sick and then seeing people post pictures of your kid with devil horns and accusing you of being cons. I dont blame them for shutting it down! i would do the same thing.

Casey said...

oh my goodness! what a sad situation all around.

Kelly said...

Just to let you all know, mckmama researched it along with three other girls that have been involved and they believe along with some proof that the whole story is false. Please pray for "B" the author of the false blog that she be lead by god in a better direction!

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