Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dentist time for Chase

Today was our second attempt at the dentist with Chase. The first time didn't go well at all! He cried and closed his mouth tight, so the dentist couldn't see his teeth.
Second time was a charm. I talked him into going, but he insisted on taking 2 blankets and his new metal bat in with him. When we got in the office, they asked him if he wanted to go for a ride in the big chair. He said no and tears started to fill his eyes. I told him that if he started to cry, I was going to have to take his blankets and bat back out to the car. Then I suggested he sit in my lap on the chair. He liked that idea. Might as well have mommy there, just incase something hurts.
They raised us up in the chair and asked Chase if they could count his teeth. He said ok and opened his mouth. Just like that, he actually opened! They counted and then they asked if they could tickle his teeth with the polisher. He looked a little worried, but he said ok and pick bubble gum for a flavor.
They started and he started to giggle. He had the biggest grin on his face, while trying to keep his mouth wide open.
He watched two videos on a monkey brushing and flossing his teeth. Then they asked if they could 'paint' fluoride on his teeth. He nodded with a big smile. Must be cause he loves to paint.
They painted his teeth and then he picked out a toy and got his goodie bag with his new tooth brush, toothpaste and floss. He couldn't wait to brush his teeth when he got home, with his new tooth brush.
As we were walking out to the lobby he said,
"Mommy, next time you don't have to sit with me, I am a big boy now."

The dentist said he has never had anyone bring in a bat as a comfort toy...well, guess they don't know Chase very well! :)

He can't wait to go back. Worst part of the whole thing, I forgot my camera!!! I was so mad at myself.

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Meant to be a mom said...

I'm glad it went smoothly. I can understand why kids are terrified. Those dentist offices look scary.

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