Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My new toy!

My favorite thing that saves me 10 minutes a day!

GHD MK4 Flat Iron

So last time I got my hair cut, my stylist used her new flat iron on is the GHD MK4 flat iron. I immediately fell in love! It straightened my hair in 5 minutes and did tug or pull at little hairs at all. It slid right through my hair and if you use it right, by doing small sections slowly, you only have to go over it once. It comes in a cute little bag with two hair clips and a DVD on how to use it, which I have not actually watched.
I used to have the Revlon straightener from target which runs about $25.99. This GHD MK4 is pricey, but you totally get your money/time worth. It runs anywhere between $140-$250, but there are a lot of fakes ones out there, especially on Ebay. So when you see them for $80 or under, they are not the real ones. It comes in black or magenta...of course I had to have magenta.
This straightener rocks! I can't say enought good things about it. It doesn't dry out your hair, like the other ones do. It is similar to the CHI, if any of you have that, it is just a different brand, but the same great concept. I love my straightener and an so happy I invested in it.

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Erin said...

Holy Crap you spent that much on a hair straightener!

I just got a new one that I love for I think 60 bucks!

Mamí♥Picture said...

I have one and it is worth every penny!
I love it!

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