Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Off to go camping!

Another break...I am sorry!
This time we are off to one of our annual family camping trips. We are going camping with my family till Sunday. A much needed break and time to relax with my family.
These past couple weeks have been a lot of stress on me. Trying to meet deadlines with invitations and also other stuff that needs to get done. I just finished 5 loads of laundry yesterday...only to have just as much, when we get home from camping. (it will be worth it though)
I have so much on my mind to blog about, just so little time. Chase got a new 'big boy' bike and 'big boy' baseball pants from his grandma. He is by far on cloud nine. Abigail is talking like crazy and I know I am in for it. My mom always tells me that it is payback for me talking non-stop as a kid. Oh wait....I still do!
How in the world am I going to do this with 3 kids....? Hmmmm, not sure, but I will find a way!
My Alphabitty Moments will be caught up next week with both letters, Q and R. I can't wait to finish them and post them on here, I just love making them.
The kids are loving summer and being outside all the time. They can't wait to go camping. No TV, just us as a family outside having fun together! What could be better....probably nothing!
I would love to leave you with some adorable picture from the past week but sadly enough...this virus on our computer isn't gone, so it won't let me load pictures. I am hoping the hubby can fix it when we get back. Fingers crossed!
I am have an amazing 5 days with my family and to take a step back from reality. Then back to my fabulous life!


Dawn said...

have a GREAT relaxing time!

Meant to be a mom said...

Sounds so fun and nice. Enjoy and have a safe trip!

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