Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The rest of the family revised!

I made this post at the beginning of the month and with my crazy forgetful pregnant brain, I forgot 3 important people! Oops! Here is the post with the addition of the three people I forgot!

You all know me, you have seen and are getting to know my kids, but now I'd like to introduce.....

The rest of our family to you. Here goes....

Auntie Sara (Rara) and uncle Nicko
Brian's younger brother and his wife. Sara is Chase's godmother and is amazing with him! I don't know if I have ever heard her tell him "no." She always finds new gadgets and toys for him to play with. Nick is one funny brother-in-law/uncle. He always knows how to make the kids laugh. Him and Brian think too much alike sometimes. :)

Uncle Timmy (Mimmy)
Brian's youngest brother. Timmy is the youngest of the Oxborough family and just graduated college. He is the comedian of the family and is sure to get a laugh out of everyone in the room. He is a server at a restaurant downtown and is a great people person! When you need a quote from any comedy movie, just ask Timmy.

Grandma and Grandpa O
My husbands parents. They are first time grandparents and are pretty close to experts! They spend a ton of time with the kids, because they live so close and are on our speed dial for a babysitter. They help me wear out my children, so we can get some sleep at night. I don't know what I'd do if they didn't live so close!

Grandma and Grandpa Vroom
My parents! They have 4 grandchildren with one on the way. They love to ride motorcycles (hence the nickname "vroom"). They are two very busy people, but love to spend time with their grandchildren, when they can. We go to the same church as them and the kids love to see them every Sunday morning.

Uncle Kyle
My brother that is two years older than me. He is Abby's godfather. He spends much of his week managing a restaurant, but still finds time to come see the kids and get free hair cuts. He is one of my best friends, thou we fought like cats and dogs when we were younger, we get along great now. I learned a lot from him...good and bad and I couldn't thank him more!

Uncle Adam and Auntie Katie
Katie is Brian's sister and Adam is Katie's soon-to-be husband. Katie is Abby's godmother. They are our roommates for the next year. They are AWESOME with the kids! Katie is a toddler teacher and Adam works for the Twins. Adam and I are very much alike, it is almost scary. He will finish sentences as I am thinking them in my head. They are our sanity some days. I would have to say, if it weren't for my help, I am not sure if these two would have ever gotten together! :)

Uncle Sean, Auntie Katie, Matthew and Riley
Sean is my older brother (by 4 years), Katie is his wife, Matthew is my 11 year old nephew and Riley is my almost 6 year old niece. They are so much fun to be around and we always get a few laughs in when the kids are together. They live about 45 minutes away, so we don't see them as much as we'd like, but when we get together, we are sure to have fun.

My Hubby-Brian
My main squeeze! My partner-in-crime. My secret keeper. My best friend! We met almost 9 year ago and got married almost 5 years ago. He is the greatest husband and father, I could ever ask for. If we fight, most likely it is my fault. I sweat the small stuff, even though I shouldn't. If someone is wrong, it is most likely him, he knows this too. He supports me, with whatever crazy decision I have/am making.

Now you know a little bit more about the people you read about in my blog.

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Thomas and Jamie said...'s late so I don't have a lot of time to browse your blog, but your family is ADORABLE!! I'll be back hopefully soon to say hi!! And happy b-day to your hubby!

Thanks for the sweet comments about my monkey...there's just nothing better than being his mommy!

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