Sunday, July 12, 2009

Abby's 2nd Birthday Party

So many friends and family to celebrate with. Abby was treated like a princess for a day. Ok...who am I kidding, she is a princess everday. Abby got an over abundance of toys, that should keep her busy till Christmas. She had lots of little friends to celebrate with and they all had fun playing in the play room and running around the house. Thank you to all our family and friends that made if over for Abby's party!!

The cake, I would have to say, I am not impressed with my work this year. Last year, was a much better work of art. It might not look the best, but the taste was to die for. I used the cake recipe that I posted on my blog back here, a couple weeks back.

Uncle Kyle came over a little bit early, so he got some extra Abby time in...
...and a few extra Abby kisses too!

Abby went downstairs to the kids bathroom, carried this stool all the way up the stairs, set it up in front of this counter...all for some M&M's.

Grandma "vroom" was lucky and got some kisses too!

My beautiful best friend Jessica and her newest addition...Camryn at 3 months old.

Katie and Adam...2 1/2 months and counting till these two tie-the-knot

Jalen and her little man Wilder

Chase decided that uncle Kyle was a good jumping pad. Uncle Kyle thought otherwise, after a few jumps.

The birthday princess and her auntie

Chase and Abigail testing out Abby's new chair that she got for her birthday

Mommies and their babies! Too cute!

Abby in her chair, that she just loves!

Big brother helping her unwrap presents

She got a new Abby Cadabby doll from her big brother

Abby had lots of friends to help her unwrap presents. Big brother Chase, Abby and Alex

More presents to unwrap

Nail polish and makeup from Alex. So fun!

Lulu gets the award for best outfit for the theme of the party! She just didn't want her picture taken. :)

Lulu is helping unwrap the presents with Abby

It is so much fun to tear off the wrapping paper!

Busy, busy, busy!

Add some clothes in the mix of all the toys

A cup with her name on it, perfect!

My little diva! Thanks Christy!

Bath toys! We love bath toys!

Abby and her Abby cake! She is so excited, only one eye could stay open with her big smile!

There we go, cute!

Singing Happy Birthday to Abby

The cake was delicious!!

So many toys to play with!

Every year for the kids birthday, I make something or buy something that goes with the theme for people to sign, so the kids know who was at each of their birthdays. This is the 'Abby Cadabby' wand I made Abby this year. Everyone at the party signed it for her to keep!

To cute!

Time to go play with my toys!

Super babies from my big brother!

Taking a walk outside, we couldn't have asked for better weather!

Some of the decorations...

Chase is ready to go play some baseball

Playing and having so much fun!

Big girl on her big girl chair

Abby with her new bedding!

Watching the fishes, we went and got some new ones after her party

My two monkeys!

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Kelli W said...

Great pictures! Looks like her birthday party was a blast!

Emily said...

The party looks like it turned out great!

I know it was lots of fun and hard work!

Erin said...

Thanks for inviting us for the birthday party! Alex had a great time :)

Mommy3 said...

Looks like Abby had a perfect party day! She is too precious! I love the pictures of her opening her presents and with her cake the best! She is so beautiful!

Brandi said...

I can't believe you made the cake.. you ROCK!!!! Looks like you guys had lots of fun!!! CUTE!!!!!

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