Friday, July 17, 2009

Chase answers questions about mommy!!

What Chase think of mom at age 3 1/2.

1. What is something mommy always says to you? "No."

2. What makes mommy happy? "When I wake up dry" {with a dry diaper}

3. What makes mommy sad? "not sharing."

4. How does your mommy make you laugh? "when she tickles me"

5. What was your mommy like as a child? "she loved to play baseball." {not quite sure what he's talking about}

6. How old is your mommy? "6" {I'm 27}

7. How tall is your mommy? "like adult tall" {super close... I'm 5ft 6in}

8. What is her favorite thing to do? "play and take pictures"

9. What does your mommy do when you're not around? "work in invitations"

10. If your mommy becomes famous, what will it be for? "huh"

11. What is your mommy really good at? "doing work and playing"

12. What is your mommy not very good at? "nothing, she's the best." {got to love him}

13. What does your mommy do for a job? "make invitations"

14.What is your mommy's favorite food? "mac n' cheese"

15.What makes your mommy proud of you? "when my diaper is dry in the morning."

16. If your mommy were a cartoon character, who would she be? "mama on Little Bear"

17. What do you and your mommy do together? "go to the park and play baseball."

18. How are you and your mommy the same? "I don't know."

19. How are you and your mommy different? "I'm good at baseball."

20. How do you know your mommy loves you? "you tell me all the time"

21. What does your mommy like most about your daddy? "he's funny."

22. Where is your mommy's favorite place to go? "the paper store." {that is where I get my invitations supplies}

There you have it! What Chase thinks about ME!

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Brandi said...

How cute.

Jessi said...

too cute!

Family American Style. said...

That was really good.

Kristi said...


Mommy3 said...

how cute! It will be fun to look back on some day. ;)

TheFancyFritter said...

How sweet!

Congrats girl! You won the giveaway on my blog! I'm so excited!

Email me at and let me know your address & if you would like the boy or girl bib!


Heather said...

I love it!! SO cute and sweet, gotta love their honesty!

Daveda said...

Found your blog through last weeks blog hop and wanted to say hello.

What a cute post! adorable!! Tour pics are wonderful, and you are a very beautiful mommy.

Now, I am going to go back and sign up for you blog make over!

Nice to "meet" you :)

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