Monday, July 6, 2009

Music in Plymouth!

We headed out for our annual evening at "Music in Plymouth,' on a perfect day to celebrate the 4th of July. The kids had a blast, like they do every year and waited paitently for the 'boom booms' to make their appearance. Abby didn't like the noise, but liked watching them and Chase loved them, like always.

Starting out the evening with some chocolate moo

Chase won a Frisbee and Abby used it as her plate

Silly girl!

Tumbling on the blankets

Taking a power nap, not sure how the Frisbee got there

Daddy eating our lovely Subway dinner.

Being the cutie that she is!

Adorable siblings!
(they are sitting on Brian's bed spread that his grandma made him, when he was younger than Chase)

Throwing a baseball that he won. When does he not have a ball in hand!?

Eating pretzel crackers on her 'plate'

Taking it easy with daddy

Kisses for her baby, who had to come to the fireworks with us

The crowd... I think it is the most people I have ever seen there

Feeding daddy a bottle, apperently she thought daddy wanted OJ, instead of a 'nice cold one'

Drinking the last of Chase's chocolate moo

More tumbling

Getting tired, and waiting for the 'boom booms'

The kids and their auntie Katie and uncle Timmy
Dancing with Katie

Up high! This is one of Abby's favorite things to do. Get thrown up in the air

Adorable Abby in her 4th of July attire!

Getting ready to watch the fireworks with Rara and Nicko

Timmy using the kids chair as a ride...silly Timmy

Are they coming yet?!

Hanging out with my princess, waiting for those fireworks

Chase playing with papa's head

Family photo~ HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!

Finally the fireworks! Watching with such concentration!

Boom Boom!

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