Monday, July 13, 2009

'Not Me' Monday!

Are you feeling guilty for leaving the windows open to catch a breeze when you know the air is on? Feel like a bag lady for wearing the same shirt for days on end? Get tricked by a fake news story and feel foolish? We'll don't! Not Me! Monday was born out of my desire to admit some of my imperfections and reveal a few moments I'd rather forget. You may find it therapeutic to join in and do the same thing!
Head over to Mckmama's blog to see why everyone else isn't perfect!

Where did this past week go?!

Early Friday morning I did not wake up and think to myself, "wow, you have to make Abby a cake for her birthday." I did not look at my husband, who was not still sleeping, and start to freak out about my loss of memory while I am pregnant.

My husband has not gone to the dryer, just about everyday this week, to grab a clean undershirt and clean socks. They are not still sitting in the dryer from last Sunday. Who would ever let their clothes wrinkle in the dryer for that long?! Not me!

When I was outside yesterday, pitching balls to Chase, he did not 'smack' the ball with his metal bat, right into my boob, after I pitched to him. I did not let out a "S" bomb, cause it really didn't hurt. He did not look at my with those puppy dog eyes and say I am sorry mama!

I have not let Chase sleep with just his underwear on all week for nap, just because, if I tell him no, I don't want to go down that road. He has not been happier, than a kid in a candy store, to sleep just in his underwear.

When we took two presents back to the store to exchange, that Abby got doubles of for her birthday, I did not try and avoid the baby isle, so that we wouldn't have a melt down when I told her no more babies. I did not take her towards the My little Pony's, cause I loved them as a kid and I think they are too cute. I most certainly did not talk her out of a stuffed animal, which she also doesn't need anymore of, to get her a My Little Pony set.

I am not prefect, someday I will realize that! Now you know some of my imperfections!

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Kelli W said...

Great Not Me's! My hubbby never has to get undershirts and socks out of the dryer either!! And I never have to take last weeks whites out of the dryer so I can start the next week's laundry!

Unknown said...

I've never done anything like that with the laundry either. I wuold even go further and say that I've never started the dryer back up just to get wrinkles out. Never, Not me! Or better yet...I've never....especially while pregnant....left clothes in the washer and had to re-wash them as they smelled musty!

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