Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"What would your children say?" Wednesday

Time again for "What would your children say?" Wednesday!!! Marianne, over at Family American Style started this, so everyone can share what funny things your kids have said or done. If you don't have a kid, feel free to post something about your furry four legged friends!

Back when I had time to go went to the chiropractor, Chase wasn't too sure of the chiropractor pressing on my back and all these cracking noises coming from my body. He was always a little weary of my chiropractor.
Well, when life started to get crazy busy hectic, I didn't have much time to go anymore.
Chase woke up one morning and said, "mom, are you going to the chiropractor today?"
I told him, "not today."
He then asked, in a very confused little boy voice, "Why, are you not broken anymore?"

Too cute. I am glad I can watch my kids grow up, so I don't miss these funny things!

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KJ said... cute!

Kelli W said...

Too funny!

Meant to be a mom said...

So cute, I can imagine though that it would be so confusing for a small child to understand the purpose of a chiropractor.

Unknown said...

That's very cute! Kids are so cute. Hope your pregnancy is going well!

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