Monday, August 17, 2009

Baby update: twenty two weeks

Weeks 21-24 (Month 5): Papaya
Average size: 10.5-11.8 in, 12.7-20.8 oz
Nipples are sprouting, and face is fully formed!

I have been feeling great. Only 5 lbs. weight gain. I don't feel as big as I was with Chase or Abby, which is a good thing, since loosing the weight isn't very easy. I go in for my ultra sound today and we are still not finding out the sex of the baby. This will be hard, since I am such a planner and we found out with both of our other two kids. We want a surprise this time though. I have been holding back from buying too much clothes, since we don't know the gender, but if I find something for either gender, that I just can't live without, I get it. I think that either way, someone will have the opposite gender sometime soon.

Take a look at my belly with Chase and baby about identical shape. What do you think?!

Here are my belly pictures and the ultra sound pictures are coming soon!

5 Months!

Prego bellies with Chase and Abigail

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Kmama said...

Yay, an update!! Were all the preggo pics at 5 months? If so, you look EXACTLY like you did when pregnant with Chase. Amazing. And no matter what, you look unbelievable for 5 months pregnant. Kudos to you!!

Erin said...

Cute Cute Cute! I give your props for not finding out what you are having. I wish I could do it ha ha! I don't think I could. But you already have one of each so I think it is easier for you!!

Hope the Ultra Sound goes well!

Mommy3 said...

Too cute!!!! Love all the pics! And you really have patience to wait it out till delivery....we found out with both of our kids. ;)

Andrea said...

Only 5 pounds!?! That is great! I'm jealous ;) We were surprised for both of our babies and it was GREAT! There is nothing like the moment when they yell "It's a......" You look absolutely fantastic! Can't wait to find out what your having (my guess is boy):)

dawn said...

you look wonderful! i was so terrible at taking pictures of me while i was prego. all. four. times. now, i really regret that. and i loved being prego, don't know why i didn't have my pics taken, but come to think of it, there are very few of me since i always have the camera.

yes, you look like you did with chase in your belly!

a surprise is fun!! we did that with our first!!

so glad to read your update!!

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