Monday, August 17, 2009

Camping pictures-past due!

I know these pictures are long past due, but what can I due when my computer decides it doesn't want to work. Enjoy our pictures from our week in Door County.
(keep in mind, I did not have my new camera yet, so they are the greatest pictures)

Our gorgeous sunset on the first night

A little cloudy, but beautiful!

Helping daddy pick up all the tennis balls Chase hit


Oh no, time to try that again!

Much better...thanks for the help daddy!!

Nice form Chaser!

What a cutie...they love to be outside!

She is so good at getting all the balls

Hanging out at the campsite with mommy

Time for some coloring!

We took the kids to an ice cream place called 'Not yet Licked' and they had a play place for kids to play on. What a great idea! The kids loved it!

Back to the campsite...playing peek-a-boo with mommy

Time for a snack...such a serious face!

More coloring! She is such an artist!

Daddy and his little clone. Don't mind that stuff on my hubby's face...scruffy!

Eating in town at Fuzzys

Writing his letters...he did this the whole trip

We took the kids to 'Hands Down', where they can paint clay things
Abby picked a teddy bear piggy bank

and Chase picked a baseball...who would have thunk!?

Feeding the goats outside the painting place

Going for a run and a burley ride

Two dang adorable kids!!!

Mommy and Abby by the lake

They loved to feed the ducks

at the big beach playing football with the boys

Building a sand castle with daddy

Nice catch!

She loves playing in the sand and water!

One pooped little girl!

Eating at the Wild Tomato...great pizza!

Huge waves on a windy day

Bye Door County!

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Kmama said...

Great pictures! It looks like you all had fun!

Christen said...

My daughters have that same pink polka dot outfit :)

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