Monday, August 31, 2009

Como Zoo on a gorgeous day!

We headed out to the Como Zoo, before it gets too cold outside. The kids loved all the animals and they were all out and about in their cages to see.Looking at the sea lions with grandma

Mommy's favorite, the giraffes! We saw this baby after it was born last year and it is huge this year!!

Abby being cute...what is new?!

Cute picture on the turtle

Abby's favorite...the monkeys!!

She got so excited that one came close to the window.

Chase's favorite..the lion! He kept saying, "ok, when are we going to see the lion."

Poking the gorillas eyes out! Ouch!

Abby talking to papa in the butterfly garden

Some pictures of butterflies that I took...they were so pretty!

Auntie Katie and Abz

Bright pink flamingos...Chase and papa thought it was funny to try and stand like flamingos.

Sisters! Though people think that we are sisters by blood, we aren't...I wish!

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Erin said...

Looks like fun, I wish we could make it to the zoo again before school starts!

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