Sunday, August 23, 2009

My weekend is almost over...

Today we spent all day fixing up the rest of our townhouse and painting a few rooms, to make them look better. Talk about exhausting! I am pooped! Cleaning, fixing and painting will do that to you. The worst part is, we don't even get to enjoy it, hopefully someone else will.
Tomorrow we are going to lay low and just hang out at home. We have old neighbors coming for dinner and the kids haven't seen their kids in forever, so they are excited. Not to mention, we will get some parent to parent interaction. Sometimes that is needed after talking to a 4 and 2 year old all day. :)

The Baby Blog swap partners are matched up and you should have received an e-mail. If you didn't, please let me know as soon as possible and I will send it out to you again. Remember, start putting together your packages, they need to be sent by September 5th.

My grandfather passed away on Thursday, so unfortunately I have no grandparents left. He was the grandparent I was closest to. We called him 'the doughnut man.' When he visited, he would always wake up really early and go out to the nearest convenient store and pick us all up doughnuts for breakfast.
He is in a better place now and with his true love in heaven. I feel as though I really lost him quite a few years back, since he has been suffering Alzheimer disease and hasn't really been the same person for quite some time. I really pray that my kids will grow old with their grandparents and have them be a part of their lives for a long time. I am happy he was able to meet his grandchildren and be a part of my wedding day, but it is sad to see him go. Below are a few pictures from the last time we got to see him, two years ago.

Meeting Abby for the 1st time

4 generations

My grandpa and his daughters

He loved Abby...loved to look at babies


Chase saying hi to great grandpa

Grandpa and his only granddaughters!

RIP Grandpa!!

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Tanielle said...

I am sorry about your Grandpa, it's never easy to lose someone, even when you know they are better off. HUGS

Thanks also so much for putting the baby blog swap together, I am sooo excited!!

Have a good Sunday with your beautiful family, and hope you're feeling good!:-)

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