Thursday, August 27, 2009

Picture overload?!

I think this might be picture overload, but I am obsessed with my camera and photoshop. It is what takes up my 'quite time' during the kids naps. Which by the way, I have been successful everyday this week on getting all 5 kids down for nap at the same time. Can we say...break time for me! :)

I promise there will be some good posts coming up soon, that aren't just pictures.
Also, don't forget to participate in my Food Fixing Friday tomorrow. It is kids recipe edition!

Abby loves this bubble gun! It blows the best bubbles!

She loves Kendall. She acts like her little mommy

More bubble gun fun! One of grandmas best 'investments'! :)

Riding around in his cozy coupe

Time for a little scooter fun. I drew a road on the driveway with stop signs, stop lights, and other traffic signs, it kept the kids busy for quite awhile.

Time for snack...apples with caramel! Yummy!

Chase and Joey LOVE to play soccer. It is so fun to watch them together!

'High five' for playing a good game!

Layla and Abby off to the store! :)


Another picture mama?!

Grandma stopped over to bring Abby a new book for being potty trained and Chase a new book for his fist day of school in a little over a week.

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