Thursday, September 3, 2009

OBGYN vs. Midwife

I have often been asked, why I switched from a midwife to a OBGYN doctor and what I like better....

{Well, here are my thoughts, view and opinions}

When I was pregnant with Chase, I started seeing an OBGYN. I didn't feel as though there was a relationship between me and the doctor and I just felt like 'another patient.' {this was going to be the person delivering my baby...I want to feel some connection}
I started talking to my husbands cousin, who had a baby a year and a half before I got pregnant. She was telling me about her midwife that she went to. It sounded like something I wanted to try, instead of the OBGYN I was seeing. {so I switched at about 4 months into my pregnancy}
I like the midwife {much} better!! She was more personable, she found out stuff about my family and I, {we had a connection.}
When I went into labor with Chase, we found out he was midwife didn't deliver breach babies, so I ended up having a different doctor {who I had never met} deliver him.
His birth story goes into a lot more detail, but it wasn't a good experience and I wish one like it upon no one.
When I got pregnant with Abby, I called my midwife right away. {I liked the 'care' I got from her and wanted to go back} She saw me through my whole pregnancy and then didn't deliver Abby, because she was a V-Bac and she didn't have the rights with the hospital to do those yet. She said she would stop by and see us after Abby was born and might even be at the birth. {No sign of my midwife, my entire stay at the hospital, until the last day, when we were heading home} Abby's birth wasn't 'normal', but it was something that my midwife could have been there for.
{That is two babies, that she didn't deliver.}
I got pregnant this time around and called her again. Made my appointment to see her and then got to thinking...hmmm, why do I pay more for a midwife specialist that isn't delivering my babies?! I got talking to a friend who had just had a baby and she recommended her OBGYN and said she loved the clinic and the doctors! (she had also gone to my midwife for her first born)
I called the clinic and made an appointment, after I called and canceled with my midwife.
I have been seeing the OBGYN clinic ever since and I LOVE IT! There are 4 doctors I see, and any of them could deliver my baby, but I know for sure, it will be one of them. They are very friendly, have better hours to accommodate my schedule and are very helpful and knowledgeable.

I guess you could say, I would definitely pick my OBGYN, then again, I didn't have normal births, which were all my midwife could do. {That seems kind of funny to me, shouldn't they be able to deliver almost any kind of delivery?}

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Meant to be a mom said...

So many pregnancy's and births aren't "normal" so your right. Its almost just easier and better to find a good ob instead.

Erin said...

Where are you going with? I just switched this time and am excited to deliver in the new North Memorial in Maple Grove :)

Unknown said...

I too started with a midwife and then had a scary emergeny c-section and ended up with an OB doc. Like you, the midwife didn't show up for days. My husband was not impressed. I gave it another go second time around until she said something to me about a friend of mine/client of hers...(hello HIPPA!) and then when she said something about me to my friend/her client I gave her up. Started seeing the OB that I had and she thankfully delivered all my babes! I'd recommend her to anybody! :)

Can't wait to see your new baby!

Stephanie said...

I've always used OB GYN's and always been sooo happy with my doctors. I think when my midwife told me she would come see me and then not come until I went home..that would of made me mad :) I'm glad you happy now!!!!

Lindsay said...

You are right to want to know at least the options of who might deliver your baby. As far as the midwife and OB doc goes, it really depends on the person. There are some great midwifes and some great OBs. There is also the opposite. Being on the working side, I have seen it all. At least I know who I want to deliver me. I wish you the best and I am glad that you are happy where you are at.

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