Monday, September 28, 2009

Parenting now vs. then!

I always wonder how I survived without all the gismos and gadgets that we have now, that our parents did have when we were little.

{Do you think parenting is harder than it used to be?} 63% of moms believe parenting is more difficult than it was in the past.

We bend over backwards to make sure our kids are happy and successful, but as a result our kids aren't learning coping strategies and we're seeing some scary trends. Children are more stressed than ever before, they're medicated more, and they are experiencing depression at a younger age. We've made parenting too hard; we need to relax and go back to the basics. (quoted from Parenting magazine)

I completely agree with this...I think parenting has become a competition and people have lost site of the basics. I thinking people are pushing their kids so much to excel that they are forgetting their priority should be making them feel loved and secure daily! I think the stress on kids these days is outrageous. Children need to learn how to relax and take it easy, to feel good, just like adults. Parents more and more are 'rescuing' their kids and hurting their self-esteem. Kids need to do things for themselves to boost their confidence. I know from watching Abby lately, as she is in her 'me do it' independent stage, that she gets so much out of accomplishing things herself and gets such a big smile and reward out of doing things on her own. We need to let our kids test the waters of everyday life and stop being their to do it for them or make sure they are doing it the way we want them to be doing it.
My mom always tells me...I don't know how you and your brothers survived. We didn't have nearly the stuff for parenting or the resources that there are now. I now know how....sticking to the basics. We often forget and get caught up in remember to let your kids be happy and sucessful by letting them test their own waters by trial and error. You'll be happier, less stressed and have happier kids in the end.

{Do you think parenting is more difficult now that in the past?}

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Katherine said...

I definitely think so, and I completely agree with you. Yes, we make it too hard. Everything is a competition and when it's not, we're doing everything for them. I try, even with my nearly one year old, to let him try things out for himself. It's hard, but I think it's important.

Mommy3 said...

I do agree! Almost all the kids at Isabel's preschool were signed up for so much over this past summer. I didn't sign her up for anything, not even one thing. But you know what, she had a great summer...being a kid...running in the sprinkler, playing in the kiddie pool, eating home grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, and going to the park! And I didn't feel the stress of getting her every where she needed to go! Isn't that what summer is for?! A break? LOL.

Candi said...

I am happy that some of today's gadgets and gizmos make it easier for me, as a disabled mom, to care for my child independently.

but sadly, i think doctors and health care professionals are so quick to diagnose and medicate kids these on that hand, i do think it is harder because you really have to use your instincts to decide whether or not you will choose to agree with them.

Stephanie said...

I totally agree! Things have become so different....odd how that has happened!

Meant to be a mom said...

Well when you put it that way, Yes absolutely. You make a great point. I do think that kids are sent in the wrong direction so easily these days with the extra added preasures and all the medications pushed on them.

Rachel H. said...

I definitely agree...way more difficult now than it was in the past! Much more competition!!

PotterMama said...

Hmmm. I think it has it's pro's and con's.
Imagine, our children are going to be thinking the same things in 20+ years!

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