Friday, September 11, 2009


This is something I am going to a few months!

{Playing} together in the sand table on a nice warm day

and {coloring} an endless possibility of things on the driveway

{Sitting outside} in short sleeves, {soaking} up the sun!

Summer is over and Fall is here! Next we will be dressing up in our snow pants to go make snowmen! Don't get me wrong...I LOVE the snow! As MckMama would say, I live in the 'Frozen Tundra' and I am proud of it!

{Winter is almost here}
I love to ski, and I just might get around to it, after this baby is born. I got a ski outfit two Christmas's ago and I have yet to wear the whole ensemble skiing. Hopefully this year, I can get auntie and uncle to watch the kids (holy moly there will be 3) and the hubby and I can get out on a few runs! We love playing in the snow with our kids...

Happy weekend!

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Stephanie said...

Oh wow snow is so rare around here that when it's even forecasted there is major excitement!!!!!!!

We get ice most of the time and when we're not getting that it's just false alarms. If they even call for snow here schools start shutting down and all the bread and milk is gone from the grocery store. Now tell me because I've always wondered....why bread and milk?

Meant to be a mom said...

Yes I would love for you to do a background for me. Once Cooper comes would be best. I love the page you did for Jennifer. I'm excited to have you do one for me.

Oh and I sent your package two days ago. Hopefully you'll get it soon. I hope you like it, since this was my first time to do this I was afraid I didn't do it right or didn't get the right stuff. I hope you like it though. It was fun to put together.

morgan823 said...

Your kids are adorable!

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