Thursday, October 8, 2009


What do these two pictures have in common?!   

{Well, let me tell you} My mother-in-law got these snowmen for the kids last year around this time and they just found them in the 'stuffed animal bin' the other day. They are both very attached to their snowmen and take them with them, most everywhere. When I went in to check on them during nap the other day...this is what I found in both rooms.
Priceless! I love it!!



Meant to be a mom said...

That is so sweet. I bet your mother in law would just love these pictures.

Rachel H. said...

Too cute!! Sleeping babies are so beautiful! :)

PotterMama said...

haha. that is so cute.

Elissa said...

Precious!! Nothing like pics of sleeping babies...especially when they're all snuggled up with a lovie!

Unknown said...

Oh yes...we know what that's all about over in Fisher world.

Very cute! They are adorable...there's something about a sleeping babe!

Have a great weekend!

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