Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Parties!

Our Pumpkin Party at church!   

Jumping... the big jumper!

A game with a Nerf gun, Chase was in heaven!

She is becoming a daddy's girl...he loves when she asks for him to hold her.
{Who would you rather choose, your prego mama with a big belly who can only hold you for short periods of time, or your daddy that crumbles at your request?}

Abby was all about getting her face painted and then, a rub of her cheek when she was tired and...poof, smudge on her cheek and she was done.


Halloween party with the city
{This year we took the kids to a city Halloween party with some friends and their kids, and all the kids had a blast. Abby tagged right along with their friend Lulu, Chase and Carter were buddies and all the kids had fun! I think it will be something that we do every year...especially with the weather in the frozen tundra...we never know what the weather will be on Halloween.}

 Chase was a pro at all the games!

 Sibling LOVE...makes my heart melt!

Climbing up the big blow up slide...

 ...and down...

...they go!

 Up the big kid slide...Chase made it up, Abby was too small...

 ...she just decided to look at the bottom of her feet, that were turning blue, due to the terf floor in the dome.

Another bouncer!

My best friend Jess, Abby and Lulu



Brandi said...

Looks like they had a great time. I love there costumes.

annahermes said...

i LOVE that pic of abby and brian! so sweet

Heather said...

I love that she was Abby Cadabby! So clever :D

Stephanie said...

I love the costumes...they are so adorable!

What a neat can tell they had a blast!

Paige said...

What a neat party! The kiddos look like they had a blast!

Do you do the blog designs for customers? If so, would you let me know your price list and everything. Thank you. You did a wonderful job on the one that I seen!!

Hope you're having a wonderful week!

PotterMama said...

I love the purple dinosaur costume!

Rachel H. said...

They look like they had a wonderful time!! :)

Annie said...

SO sweet!! Cute costumes.

Abby looks like such a little daddy's girl all snuggled up with her daddy :)

And I see that Chase is wearing his baseball tee from LitteHouse Tees! I recieved Blakes...same one! and it is great...he hasnt worn it yet...maybe tonight when we go to his Aunt Dani's volleyball game!!

Becca said...

So much fun! Glad they had such a blast. That picture of Abby with her Daddy is the sweetest!

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